Small Business Bookkeeping Services

I’m Passionate About Supporting Small Businesses.
Why? Because I love, I mean LOVE, finding efficiencies to maximize profitability.

That’s the point of running a business, right? Profitability. But so often, as small business owners, we are so busy doing the work IN our business, that we don’t take the time to actually see how it’s going. And often that means that we don’t take the time to *know* how to track, analyze, and adjust the things that could make a huge difference…without much, if any, extra work.

New Businesses

When you’re starting out with your new business venture, there are a lot of things fighting for your attention, not least of which is making money. Right alongside actually *making* the money is knowing what to do with it: how to track it, how to make it work for you, expenses, taxes, bank accounts, software… all the things.

Chances are, you have nothing, or very little, in place and you have no idea where to start. You’re afraid of numbers, the many software options, and you’re feeling paralyzed on what to do because your mind is going in 100 different directions at all times.

It’s ok.

You can feel confident in your books and all those numbers. You can have a plan in place that feels good. You can pay yourself AND your business consistently, without fear that there isn’t enough.

When you Balance Your Books.

Balance Your Books is our DIY Bookkeeping Monthly Membership for business owners to provide guidance and accountability as they navigate their finances. Get your accounting system and software set up, find efficiencies, learn how to manage and maintain your own books, and learn what to look for in a bookkeeper when you’re ready to hire one. In short, get it all balanced.

Over the years, I’ve supported so many different businesses, including:

  • Housing developer
  • Hair salon/spa
  • Life Coach
  • Cookie maker
  • Landscaper
  • Energy Healer
  • Rowing Coach
  • Jeweler
  • Paving Company
  • PR & Marketing Firm
  • Property Management
  • Limo company
  • Interior designer
  • Website designer
  • House broker
  • Social worker

What I’ve found is that once a business works with me to get set up, build the know-how and skills to balance their books, and get comfortable (and even excited!) about digging in to see what is working best for them and what needs to change…some go on to manage the back end of their thriving business. However, there are two industries that I seem to support over the long term more than others, and there are definitely some reasons why…

Construction & Trades

My husband is a tradesman as are many of the people in my life. In fact, my very first client was in the trades, and he is still with me today! What I love most about the industry is that it’s fast-paced – so high volume and go go go. With that, and the fact that it’s a rather different business model than most, it’s hard when you’re in it to take a step back and really look at the big picture, analyze each project, make changes, and compare results. That’s where I come in – I love helping people see how profitable their projects can be!

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Health & Wellness

As someone who worked for over 15 years in the health care industry, has a social work background, and is the mom of 2 awesome (and active!) kids, I am passionate about my family’s well-being. It’s just who I am and how I live my life, so I’m interested in all things health & wellness. Combine that with my knowledge of the inner workings of the industry and all the nuances in accounting and analyzing all the moving pieces, and it’s a natural fit.

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