Bookkeeping That You Deserve.

At Cents and BalanceWe Love Numbers

...AND we know that not everybody feels the same way!

At Cents and Balancewe love numbers

...AND we know that not everybody feels the same way!

By managing the day-to-day financial transactions of your business, we take away the stress and free up your time to focus on what you do best!

As business owners ourselves, we understand that we each have our own skills, certain things we love to do, and others we would rather never do again. Chances are, when you got into business, you didn't think about data entry, entering payments, sending out invoices, or reconciling your accounts.

With Our Team

you're not just outsourcing tedious tasks; you're gaining a partner dedicated to managing cash flow, profitability, and your success.

We're committed to helping small businesses and individuals succeed, providing exceptional service to every client. Contact us today for a refreshing, stress-free approach to finances. With Cents and Balance, financial management becomes less of a chore and more of a path to empowerment.

Our Core Values

We're held to a higher standard by our four core values.


Clear, simple, honest, and visible.


Two sets of eyes, always.


A welcoming space for questions, ideas, & diversity.


Reducing your tax obligations and supporting your goals.

Who We Are

Our Why

To create freedom for owners, employees, and clients so they have more to give back to family and community.

Our Vision

Help service-based businesses achieve the freedom to create the business and life they deserve.

Our Mission

Give clients financial clarity helping them avoid risk and make better business decisions.

About Katie White

With a passion for numbers, and putting puzzle pieces together, at age 18 Katie set off to college with her dreams set on being an accounting major. Fast forward 4 years and Katie was graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelors in Social Work! After obtaining her MBA from Brandeis University a few years later, Katie spent over 15 years working in the health and wellness industry serving in roles from project management to operations management to business development.

Through it all, her heart has always been with the numbers looking at data, budgets, financial reports, etc. She took the leap in 2016 to switch careers into accounting and hasn’t looked back! Her 18-year-old self really did know what she wanted!

Our Team

Katie White


Carmen Ward

Account Manager

Reynard Taylor

Executive Assistant

Jessi Benjamin


Jillian Patrick


Missy Halper


Jen Schlim


Our Credentials

ProAdvisors with QuickBooks

Enrolled Agent with the IRS

Growing Staff of 7

77 Years of Collective Experience