Say GoodbyeTo Shoebox Accounting

Profit more, Work less

Regular invoicing for smoother cash flow

Accurate job costing for increased profits

More time to focus on your projects and passions

We Get It

We know that managing the books can be daunting. At the end of a long, hard day the last thing you want to do is pull up some spreadsheets or start sending out invoices. You’d rather spend that time with family and friends enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Are you tired of inaccurate financial records leading to missed project opportunities?

Stressful tax seasons and compliance issues holding you back?

Wasted time on bookkeeping tasks instead of spending time with your friends and family?

We Support You

At Cents and Balance, our devoted team of financial professionals will support you as you navigate the intricate financial landscape of the construction sector. We'll simplify your bookkeeping process, enabling you to dedicate your energy to building a successful future.

Enjoy Smoother Cash Flow With Regular Invoicing

Stay on top of your finances and keep your construction projects moving forward with timely invoicing. No more payment delays, and your cash flow stays steady.

Boost Profits With Accurate Job Costing

Know exactly where your money is going and make smart budget decisions with precise job costing. See your profits grow as you manage expenses more effectively.

Focus On Your Passions With More Time For Projects

Leave the bookkeeping to us and gain more time to concentrate on your construction projects and follow your passions. Build your dream projects while we handle the numbers.

Experience the Cents & Balance Difference

As a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, our team brings extensive industry experience and knowledge to support your growing construction business. Trust in our expertise to elevate your financial management.

Certified and Experienced Team

Proven Success in the Construction Industry

Personalized Attention and Support

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Ready to take the next step toward financial freedom and success? It's simple!

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Say goodbye to shoebox accounting and hello to growth and profitability! With Cents and Balance, you'll gain control of your finances: increase profit, price jobs more accurately, and stay on top of invoicing and payroll.

Stop missing payroll, losing control of cash flow, and risking audits. Book your free discovery call now and start building a more profitable and stress-free construction business.